Nankart. The easy way. The better way.

Nankart is a revolutionary shopping cart tool that allows you buy everything you need straight from your phone. You can skip the long lines and pick up your items whenever it is convenient for you! Businesses have the incredible chance of expanding into the mobile world. With Nankart, a sales boost and an increase in revenue is almost inevitable!

About NanKart Revolutionary Shopping Platform!


NanKart is a simple cart solution that works for everyone, any business can add the mobile shopping cart experience to their business just in minutes. NanKart is absolutely free, it is available on App Store and Google Play for download on any iOS and Android devices. For your convenience it is also available on web platform that works on any web browsers for desktops or mobile devices!

The Internet revolution is putting intense pressure on local economy. The neighborhood shops that we all grew up shopping are at the verge of extinction unable to compete with the big online retailers, mostly missing the Internet revolution wave and clueless on how to get on board. Until recently shopping local was fun, convenient and was a way to maintain a social connection to the surroundings we live in. Times have changed with unprecedented growth in traffic, non-conventional 24×7 service offerings to world making us all work at all odd times, everyone is struggling for time to spare for family and care less for mundane tasks.

The answer doesn’t have to be do everything online ordering from unknown sources talking to anonymous person to resolve issues with the order and so on. Also, we have seen the extremities of everything online in developed countries like US, with deserted neighborhoods, closed shops. Our world can’t be limited to drawing room and the smart devices in our hand, ignoring our surroundings.

What we really need is a way to bring on board everyone on to the Internet revolution. Device simple mechanisms to make them part of the journey so that everyone is benefited and in turn benefit the community we live in. NanKart is a small effort towards achieving that goal. It is very simple app, enabling your neighborhood merchants, shops and service providers where you frequently shop, you trust and loyal to, receive and manage orders through their smart phone. No frills added. No middle men!

Our Product Services

Customer Support

We want  your business to be successful. We are here to help and guide you when using Nankart. At NanKart, the customer is always our top priority.

Product Management

Check the demand for all of your products. With the NanKart product management and analytics,  you can see which of your products were more successful than the others and which of your products were less popular.

Why NanKart?

NanKart eliminates the need for reinventing the wheel to create a mobile shopping cart! You can enable your mobile storefront within minutes on this revolutionary solution.

A modern way of creating orders including scribble, voice, picture, & custom order in addition to all standard shopping experiences.

Built in payment solutions allow you to collect the order payment from a mobile device connected to your bank account. Enabling payments is very simple! Just link your banking information under your profile

Protects your data under highly secure cloud storage.

Get 24/7 support through a knowledge based portal, or through phone, email, instant live chat, and online tickets anytime. We are here to help you!

Being a product company ourselves, we have a better understanding of our client’s customer needs, target market, product life cycle, budgets and business/ technology requirements! We can help with any customization and reporting needs.

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