NanKart Mobile Platform Features

Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, Nankart is an easy, efficient, and simple tool designed for your benefit.Consumers can shop anywhere from the comfort of their own phone and business owners can have a mobile shopping app in a matter of minutes!

Flexible ways to Order

Several ways to place orders! Record and send voice orders, text orders, take picture of your shopping list & create order, scribble your order on your finger tip or just pick from product catalog and order!

Voice Orders

Tired and do not have time to sift through endless product catalogs? Create orders just by voice recording what you want, any services or products in seconds. Or send extra instructions to customize! Just attach voice instructions to your existing orders.

Scribble Orders

Scribble what you already have in your mind and create an order! No waste of time in browsing through the product catalog to find something you already know! Order on your finger tip.

Text & Picture Orders

Text & Picture orders! Yes, just type in what you want or take a picture of your hand written shopping list and create an order! Save time on something you regularly order. Or just add extra instructions to customize your order on existing orders.

Beneficial Communication

Instant message the business employees to confirm or cancel your order, add additional items, give a detailed description of what you want, or say what time you want to pick it up.


Send buzz to the business to alert you are here to pick up the order! Business like a restaurant can buzz the customer waiting to alert table is ready! Just send a quick buzz anytime whenever for whatever the reason you want to alert the business or your customer.

Easy Payment

Instead of wasting time paying for your order at the store, Nankart allows you to pay through the app, so when you arrive to pick up your order you can “just get it and go!”

Delivery Options

NanKart offers great ways for deliveries! Order and pickup on your way, request a home delivery if offered by the store, order services on-site or off-site, or get e-delivery on any downloadable documents, e books or audio books and more.

Deals and Instant Promotions!

Search through the deals and promotions to see all of the great deals. Look at all of the product promotions the businesses are offering, so you can get what you want at the perfect price! Businesses can create and push the deals and promos to the consumers instantaneously!

Efficient Search

With Nankart, there 2 ways to search! You can either search for any product that you want or you can search for a certain business to see what they are offering!

Calendar and Scheduling

Never miss the appointments for your service or pickups! On the orders just tap on the calendar icon to add the task/appointment to your phone calendar. Businesses can use this feature to manage their service schedules on their phone calendars straight from the orders.

Product/Service Catalog

Businesses can showcase their product and services to allow the customers to choose from the standard offerings. Customers can still add additional instructions to customize their orders through several order attachment like voice, scribble, picture or text messages.

Business/Customer Connections

Connect to the businesses you frequently shop with and save time in ordering and get deals delivered to your phone as soon as they are available. Businesses can connect and manage their loyal customers to keep in touch and promote products.

Order History

Completed orders are saved for your convenience to reference in the future or reorder. Save time in reordering any items that were purchased before by searching through the historical orders.

Available on Multiple Platforms

NanKart is available on mobile platforms like iOS and Android. For your convenience NanKart is also available on the web! Access responsive web platform on any devices anytime including desktops, laptops, store terminals, tablets and more.

Help and Support

At NanKart, the customer is always the top priority. The only thing that we want is for you or your business to be successful. On-line help documents, articles with step by step instructions, and product videos are available 24/7, in addition to our award winning support team on the phone and live chat! We will always be there to help and guide you when using Nankart.

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