A business use case for NanKart platform applied to a Gift Shop in retail industry for efficient mobile & online ordering, product showcase, custom ordering, order management, delivery services, and more. Olive gift shop wants to sell their gift articles over the Internet and reach out to audience who need special gifts for various occasions. They realized few of the Gift shops nearby have gone to online storefront with e-commerce and generating lots of revenue compared to their store sales and their customer base is growing by the day. Owners of the Olive gift shops are looking for the low investment on the e-commerce and mobile solution. Finding the right solution at the low cost is a the biggest challenge they are facing. Building the custom solution is not an option as it would be too expensive to build something.

NanKart can help Olive gift shop build an e-commerce storefront with online and mobile sales. They can showcase various gift articles they have and allow customers to provide customized messages for gift wrapping. With NanKart Olive gift shop can offer the bulk or volume discounts to promote their customers to send bulk orders for events.

For customer convenience Olive gift shop can set multiple attributes or variations of the products so gifts are more customized for the specific customer need. Each gift articles can have various attributes e.g. color or size or type of article all these attributes can be uploaded against a gift articles for better search and customization. Customers can pay through NanKart app using their credit or debit cards including the PayPal account.

The following are the steps to buy and track gift articles from Olive gift shop using NanKart and enjoy ease of shopping,

  • Customers can search for articles from the Olive gifts catalog
  • They can pick one or more products and add to the shopping cart with desired quantity and customizable options.
  • Customers can search through the coupons and deals from Olive gift promos and order directly from there
  • Customers can just create orders through voice recording, text message, scribble or with a picture.
  • Any of the employees at Olive gift shop can receive the order and start working on it right away.
  • Questions from business or customer can be answer at their convenience through instant chat/messaging
  • Olive would confirm and update the price against the product also apply any discounts from the calculated amount
  • Customer can pay make a payment through NanKart using their credit/debit card or PayPal account.
  • Upon payment confirmation, the Olive employee processes the order and changes the status
  • Customer gets updates through push notifications at every step of the way

With NanKart Olive gift shop can accept online and mobile orders and increase their sales tremendously. They can use the instant promotions to attract more customers during the low sale time of the day. Olive gift shop can grow their business with growing number of satisfied customer and stay in the competition.

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