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Discover how you can improve your business and maximize sales by using Nankart's state of the art technology to sell your products! Nankart offers you a mobile app and web, so you can have an online and mobile storefront for your business instantly!

Nankart Features for Business

See all of the new and amazing things Nankart has to offer!

How it Works

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Upload Products

After you have signed your business up for Nankart, you can upload different products that your store is offering. This allows the consumers to be aware of everything you have to offer!

Customer Orders

After a customer places an order, you and your employees will get an alert that notifies you of the order, so you can get started! You can instant message the customer to confirm their order, say when it will be ready by, or say that the product they ordered is out of stock. The customer can also instant message you through Nankart with questions, confirmations, or cancellations.


The customer will pay through Nankart, so you don’t have to worry about any issues regarding payment. When they arrive to pick it up, you can just hand it to them without wasting time dealing with money.

Pick Up

The final step of the simple Nankart process is just the customer coming to the store to pick up what they ordered. Since they have already paid through Nankart, it will be quick and easy with no hassle!

How will Nankart benefit your business?

Explore all of the different ways Nankart has been designed for your benefit!

Boosts Sales

Since with Nankart, you are adding an online sales capability to your business. That means that you have another place for people to buy your products. Because Nankart is very advantageous for consumers, your business will be viewed by many people. That increases sales!

Increases Revenue

With a boost in sales brings more money in for your business! Nankart does this by showing your business to wider pool of people through the app. That gives you more customers, which means an increase in revenue!

Brings In More Customers

With Nankart, more people will see your business. That especially helps those small businesses get noticed by a lot of people. Nankart directly helps bring in more customers to your store!

Saves Money and Resources

Developing an app can cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. With Nankart, you can spend less money and get much better results. Having your own app doesn’t give your business any more exposure than it already has, whereas Nankart will bring in new customers because more people see your business!

Attract Customers with Deals

Nankart has a specific tab called “deals and promotions” made so you can upload different sales that you have at your store to persuade customers to choose your business to buy from!

Product Demand Management

We are currently working to implement a new feature into Nankart that allows you to see what items were purchased most often. This allows you to see the demand for all your products, so you can manage supply for specific products!

Beneficial Communication

Instant message your customers to confirm their order, say when it will be ready, or say that what they ordered is out of stock. This feature allows you to communicate with the consumer and the consumer to communicate with you to keep both parties happy and satisfied!

Easy Payment Managing

The consumer can pay through the Nankart and it directly goes to your business. With this feature, there is very little to no room for errors and mistakes! That’s less work for you with better results!

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