Nankart for Consumers

Start shopping smarter by saving time and money with this revolutionary app Nankart! Shop from any local business and manage their orders from one single platform in a convenient way.

Order in just four simple steps!

1. Search

Search for any product that you want or even a certain business to see what they are offering. Look through the deals and promotions tab, so you can find what you want for the best price!

2. Order

After you find what you’re looking for, click order now to get started! Nankart allows you to order in 4 different ways! You can choose from sending a picture of your shopping list, scribble on the phone, type, or record yourself saying your order. After you place your order, the business will immediately receive it and start working on it!

3. Pay

Nankart allows you to pay through the app, so you can simply pick up your order when you arrive or when it is delivered.

4. Pick-up/Delivery

Depending on the business, you can either pick up your order from the store or it will be delivered to the address you typed in. When you get there to pick it up, all you have to do is give them your name and confirm your order. No need to waste time in long lines! After the business hands you your order, you are free to go since you already paid through the app!

Nankart Features for Consumers

Discover all the amazing things that Nankart has to offer!

Flexible ways to Order

Several ways to place orders! Record and send voice orders, text orders, take picture of your shopping list & create order, scribble your order on your finger tip or just pick from product catalog and order!

Easy Payment

Instead of wasting time paying for your order at the store, Nankart allows you to pay through the app, so when you arrive to pick up your order you can “just get it and go!”

Save Money with Deals

Search through the deals and promotions tab to see all of the great finds. Look at all of the deals businesses are having, so you can get what you want at the perfect price!
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Delivery Options

NanKart offers great ways for deliveries! Order and pickup on your way, request a home delivery if offered by the store, order services on-site or off-site, or get e-delivery on any downloadable documents, e books or audio books and more.

Beneficial Communication

Instant message the business employees to confirm or cancel your order, add additional items, give a detailed description of what you want, or say what time you want to pick it up.

Efficient Search

With Nankart, there two ways to search! You can either search for any product that you want or you can search for a certain business to see what they are offering!
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