A business use case for NanKart platform applied to a small scale manufacturing industry Рa shoe maker business, for efficient product customization, mobile & online ordering, order management, delivery services, and more. Mark is a small cobbler who makes customized leather based shoes for kids and elders and sells them in his store. People visit the store to place orders, normally they select the type of the shoe/model and provide the size with custom measurement to get exact match. Mark wants to target more customers who look for traditional custom-made shoes with their desired requirements. Now with lots of big online market places he is losing the business and finding hard to compete due to lack of technology and amount of funding required to establish online sales with e-commerce. He needs to save his business from going under water and continue to support his family with his business income.

NanKart can help Mark to create online and mobile presence instantly without lots of investment for the technology. He can showcase all the shoe models, materials and custom designs he offers to his customers. NanKart provides the flexibility he needs to set the pricing on his products based on the variations and attributes of the products based on the types of leathers, type of shoes, custom design and more. With NanKart his customers can create detailed orders by picking the right type of the product, and variations including the size details and a picture to show the shape of the feet. Customer can track the progress of the product and delivery on their mobile any time, anywhere. Capabilities of instant communication allow both business and consumer to resolve the queries they may have about the product or the order. With NanKart, Mark can now extend his methods of payments to all Credit/Debit card types, PayPal payments.

Here are the simple steps involved in ordering and enjoying the customized shoe using NanKart.

  • Customers search for customized shoe makers and products offered
  • They can select the product and choose desired type of shoe, design and size from the list of attributes
  • Or they can just type in, record voice, scribble or take picture of the design and other details to create the order.
  • Mark would confirm and update the price against the product can also give discount from the calculated amount
  • Customer can pay via credit card or PayPal
  • On payment confirmation, the merchant changes the status once it is completed and based on the type of delivery the product would be placed under the specific delivery
  • Customer gets the updates through push notifications at every step of the way

NanKart can enable Mark to run his business efficiently, expand customer base, run promotions, and increase his sales to greater levels while staying in the competition.

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