A business use case for NanKart platform applied to a restaurant business in hospitality industry, for efficient table management, delivery services, and mobile & online ordering. Siena runs a restaurant business with traditional Italian food! Her business is growing drastically due to her great services, hospitality, and traditional taste of the food. It is becoming hard to manage the customers with the limited space and harder to expand due to the space limitations. The crude is getting bigger and waiting time for the table is increasing at peak time of the day. This is causing some customers to get frustrated with the wait and going elsewhere. Siena is thinking to have a right technology to manage the table scheduling and offer home delivery service to enhance the business to more customers. She also wants to create coupons and promotions to attract more customers during her off-peak time or days.

NanKart can help Siena with her problems related to the table management and home delivery services. Siena can offer the free app NanKart to all her customers for booking the tables and ordering the food for home delivery. With NanKart stickers and QR code customers can download the app during the visit to the restaurant. With NanKart Siena can boost her business and serve all the customers better and keep more returning customers. Her customers can benefit of saving time by booking the tables ahead of time and enjoying the food without frustrations. They can order with delivery option when they have short of time to visit the location.

The following are the fewer steps they need to do with NanKart to enjoy the food and services.

  • Customers can create a table reservation order from their work ahead of time
  • Based on the requested time someone from Siena’s restaurant reserves a table and depending on the availability they change the status of the order
  • Customer receives a push notification on the availability and start from their location to the restaurant
  • When they arrive they just buzz to alert the server or vis versa
  • Saves lots of time for the customer and the restaurant can manage the tables and accommodate more customers efficiently
  • Customers can also order the food with delivery option using NanKart, they can just pick the food from the catalog or use other methods to place the order.
  • At the restaurant one of the server updates the cost and the order progress
  • Customer can pay on the app using their credit card
  • Once food is ready to be delivered, the delivery boy can buzz the customer to alert the food is here
  • Nankart’s multi user capability allows Siena’s entire team including the front desk, cook, server and owner can collaborate on a single order until it is served

With NanKart Siena can accept online and mobile orders for home delivery and increase the sales tremendously. Customer satisfaction would sky rocket by efficient table management, and lower wait times there by winning more customers through word of mouth marketing. She can boost the sales to newer levels through instant promotions.

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