A business use case for NanKart platform applied to a service based small business, to establish a mobile and online storefront instantly. Joe owns an independent business to provide lawn mowing and landscaping services to his customers. As a small business owner, he is not offered to set up his business in an office space and have front desk to handle the customer requests. Most of his service requests comes from the phone calls placed by his customers those who built merely from the word of mouth without any marketing. He doesn’t have the necessary technology or can’t offered to get the infrastructure and technology is needed to run his business efficiently. It will be hard to expand the business without proper marketing needed and just depending on the word of mouth marketing.

NanKart shopping solution can help Joe with a very low monthly subscription fee to create an online & mobile storefront for his services. He can offer all his existing customers a free app to place the service calls. With NanKart Joe can run the instant promotions during the low time of the day and attract customers to place orders and boost his business sales.

With NanKart his sales process can be fine-tuned and enhanced very quickly,

  • Customers can place orders through voice, text, scribble or pick & order from service catalog
  • His customers conveniently place service calls for all the regular services on their fingertip at any time
  • Joe can get orders anytime of the day and manage them to schedule the services at his own convenient time
  • Instant push notifications help Joe and his customers get the updates, and reschedule or confirm the service very easily
  • Joe can collect the payments conveniently by accepting the credit/debit cards wherever his customers are! No need for his tenants to be at the location to receive the payments.
  • Recurring services can be performed more easily with NanKart, customers can reorder any previous order by finding it from the history.
  • Joe can never miss the sales due to missed appointments or cancellations for non-availability.
  • With NanKart Joe can send coupons/deals to his inactive customers to win them back.

NanKart enables Joe to provide greater services to his customers with ease of payments, quick scheduling and managing the service requests. With instant promotions Joe can attract more customers and expand his customer base and grow his business to greater levels.

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