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What is Nankart?

Nankart is a simple shopping cart tool that enables businesses to expand into the online and mobile world instead of relying on only in store sales. Nankart helps businesses thrive because of increased sales and revenue. For consumers, Nankart provides an app where you can buy any product straight from your phone. You can pick up your items at anytime you want!

As a consumer, how will Nankart benefit me?

When you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to go to the store, you can simply go to the Nankart app, choose what items you want, and say around what time you would like to pick them up. The business you are purchasing from will immediately get your message and will start getting your order together. When you go to pick up your items, you can get it and go. There is no need to pay there because Nankart allows you to pay through the app. Nankart makes shopping quick and easy! No more long lines!

As a business owner, how will Nankart benefit me?

Instead of wasting time and money on developing your own app, Nankart provides you with a place to sell your products. You can add deals and promotions to sway more customers to buy your products. Because Nankart is very convenient, the customer will be happy which in turn, you will be happy. Nankart can directly increase revenue and boost sales! With Nankart, you can sell products in store and online!

What is the price of Nankart for a consumer?

The Nankart app and signing up for Nankart are both absolutely FREE!

What is the price of Nankart for a business owner?

Please contact our sales, we will happy help you and provide more information and pricing about the product.
Contact Sales

How can I get started?

To get started just download the app to your mobile! Scan one of the code below from your mobile device to install!


Find it on App Store     

 Find it on Google Play 

Click here to sign-up on the web!


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