The Internet revolution is putting intense pressure on local economy. The neighborhood shops that we all grew up shopping are at the verge of extinction unable to compete with the big online retailers, mostly missing the Internet revolution wave and clueless on how to get on board.

Until recently shopping local was fun, convenient and was a way to maintain a social connection to the surrounding we lived in. Times have changed with unprecedented growth in traffic, non-conventional 24×7 service offerings to world making us all work at all odd times, everyone is struggling for time to spare for family, let alone the time for numerous mundane chores.

The answer doesn’t have to be do everything online ordering from unknown sources talking to anonymous person to resolve issues with the order and so on. Also, we have seen the extremities of everything online in developed countries like US, with deserted neighborhoods, closed shops. Our world can’t be limited to drawing room and the smart devices in our hand, ignoring our surroundings.

What we really need is a way to bring on board everyone on to the internet revolution. Device simple mechanisms to make them part of the journey so that everyone is benefited and in turn benefit the community we live in.

NanKart is a small effort towards achieving that goal. It is very simple app, enabling your neighborhood merchants, shops and service providers where you frequently shop, you trust and loyal to, receive and manage orders thru their smartphone. No frills added. No middle men. It helps you to place the orders without having to sniff thru endless catalog looking for that one item you know and you want.

Imagination is the limit on how you can bring the business you interact with offline on to NanKart.

Come try it out! it is free. Available on App Store, Google Play and Web!.

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